Grand Traverse Astronomical Society 2019 Star Party and Event Schedule

Northwestern Michigan College's Joseph H. Rogers Observatory, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and other locations.

Note: This schedule is subject to change so check often. Previous events will be removed.

Outdoor events will be canceled due to cloudy or inclement weather.






New! Wednesday

October 16

7 p.m.

Traverse Area District Library, Woodmere Ave.

Twilight talk – Bob Moler: Apollo and the Moon Race. Star Party: Jupiter & Saturn after


October 21

8-10 p.m.

SBDNL-Dune Climb

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore - 49th Anniversary Star Party. Saturn early, dark, Pleiades, northern Milky Way.


November 1*

9-11 p.m.

NMC Observatory

Crescent Moon & Saturn early, Great Andromeda Galaxy, Pleiades, northern Milky Way.


December 6*

9-11 p.m.

NMC Observatory

Moon, Great Orion Nebula, Pleiades, Double Cluster

* On these dates the viewing session is preceded by a meeting and program by the GTAS at 8 p.m. Normally meetings are on the first Friday of the month, except August. All are welcome to these meetings.

See for updated outreach events around the area.

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Explanation Key

SBDNLSleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Locations: Dune Climb on M 109 and Thoreson Farm in the Port Oneida area on South Thoreson Rd. on August 10th. See for a map.

- Sun viewing


Dark - Dark skies. Deep Sky Objects (DSOs: star clusters, nebulae and galaxies) visible depending on the season.

Twilight - Twilight lasts through out the viewing period. Some brighter Deep Sky Objects may be visible near the end of the viewing period.

Objects other than planets:

Orion Nebula - A stellar nursery 1,800 light years away. The best and closest such object. Visible on winter evenings.

Summer Milky Way - Many Deep Sky Objects are visible in our galaxy. The Milky Way is best seen on August and September evenings with the moon out of the sky. This also means dark skies.

In Case of Inclement Weather:

NMC Rogers Observatory star parties:

Other star parties will be canceled.

Festival events will have exhibits only if observing is not possible.


The GTAS does not collect fees, however we do accept donations. In some venues we cannot solicit donations, such as at NMC or Sleeping Bear Dunes who collect their own fees. If we can solicit donations we will have our donation jars out if you'd like to contribute. We also accept donations of used telescopes which we either can use for star parties or resell at our annual yard sale.

The GTAS is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) educational organization subsisting on membership dues, and donations, which are tax deductible.

For more information on events at the Rogers Observatory call (231)995-2300

For more information on events sponsored by the GTAS go to 

Link to MapQuest map of the Rogers Observatory, Traverse City, MI (drive entrance)

Schedule as of 10/06/19. Changes can be made at any time, so check often.