Highlights of GTAS Activities for 2008

Where the GTAS Sidewalk Astronomers have been this summer

GTAS Sidewalk Astronomers at the Cherry  Festival July 9, 2008

Richard Kuschell's telescope at the Cherry Festival - July 9, 2008
Checking out the moon in Richard Kuschell's telescope

Gary Carlisle's telescope at the Cherry Festival - July 9, 2008
Peeking around the Visitor center sign at Jupiter in Gary  Carlisle's telescope

Bob Moler's telescope at the Cherry Festival - July 9, 2008
Viewing Jupiter down low in Bob Moler's telescope

GTAS Sidewalk Astronomers after the Alden Stroll, Alden MI Depot park on August 7th, 2008

Alden Depot park - 08/07/08
Telescopes trained on the moon and Jupiter in the twilight

GTAS Sidewalk Astronomers at Friday Night Live, Front St, Traverse City August 8, 2008

Friday Night Live
A youngster is looking through Bob Moler's telescope at the moon while in the background Gary Carlilse has set up his telescope in the center of the street to catch a look at the sun.

Friday Night Live
The GTAS display table.  In the background Richard Kuschell is showing the moon with his Go To telescope

Friday Night Live
The GTAS face painting booth garnered us lots of donations for the telescope.  Jan Uthe, Holly Thompson and Shannon Wilson donate their artistic skills.

Ron Uthe, in the center holding our brochures, helped attract lots folks to the telescopes and of donations for our 25 " telescope.  Gary Carlisle, far right, watches on as a young fellow marvels that the point of light in the sky is Jupiter with itsmoons that he just saw in Gary's telescope.

The 25" Telescope has arrived!

This is the second telescope setup exercise at the September meeting.  Photos courtesy of  Barbara Disborough. Check out Bob's Ephemeris Blog for a description of the first time we set up the telescope.
Tightening the UTA
Tightening the telescope's upper tube assembly is clockwise from top center, behind the telescope is Bob Boss, Bob Moler. Ron Uthe, Craig Ensfield with Gary Carlisle looking on.

Collimating the telescope
Collimating (aligning the optics of) the telescope.

Man with the eyepiece
Gary's letting us use his eyepiece tonight.

Astronaut Greg Johnson (Pilot of STS 123)

Astronaut gave a talk about his trip to the International Space Station at the Empire Township Hall.  The GTAS Sidewalk Astronomers were there.  And even though it never cleared up the 25" Telescope  attracted the folks who attended the talk.
Astronaut Greg Johnson and Friend
We were able to take this photo of Astronaut Greg Johnson and friend near the business end of the telescope.

We were at the Frankfort High Football Game on October 10th.

Richard Kuschell running the 25" telescope at the south end of the field.
Gary Carlisle also brought his telescope (not pictured) to view the moon while the 25" was pointed at Jupiter.

We were at the Mancelona High Football Game on October 17th.

Richard Kuschell focuses the 25 inch telescope on Jupiter
Checking out Jupiter in Gary Carlisle's C-8 telescope

Updated 12/06/08